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Year-End Rescue Statistics : The Year of a Thousand Cats

Community Cat Club, a year of a thousand cats. 2023 rescue stats and how it was our most successful yet

Happy New Year to our Community! As we dip our paws into 2024, first we look back on a hard, but rewarding year that we had in 2023.

The numbers are in and they are a doozy!

community cat club 2023 cat kitten rescue statistics. 1080 intakes, 536 transfers, 485 adoptions, 112 outreach cats spayed and neutered, 195 community cats spayed and neutered

The Year of a Thousand Cats

In total, over one thousand cats came through Community Cat Club in 2023 for rescue which is triple the amount from 2022. The reason for this incredible increase is contributed to a few factors : we had more volunteers willing to foster in their homes, additional space at Petco and Petsmart Adoption Centers, an increase in adoptions, and the most significant impact was an increase in transfers to shelter partners.

Teamwork saves lives

Our network of partners across the north east made it possible for us to intake a backlog of cats in need. Special thank you to Sterling Animal Shelter in Massachusetts, Morris Animal Refuge in Philadelphia, and Providence Animal Shelter in Pennsylvania for making space for our Community Cat Club foster cats and kittens!

Adopt don't shop

Another number that we saw huge gains in compared to last year was our total number of adoptions, which increased by 60% to a total of 485. We saw so many adult cats and pairs of kittens (even triples!!) find their forever homes this year which opened up so many resources for CCC to intake more cats. We're so grateful that our adopters trusted Community Cat Club for their adoptions and to our foster parents for preparing our cats for their new lives.

Spay and neuter your cats

The equally as important life-saving work is through our TNR and outreach efforts. With a vital grant from the Community Cats Podcast and our Beers for Tipped Ears fundraiser last year, we were able to sponsor the spay and neuter surgeries for 195 community cats, a 26% increase from last year. And thanks to our aggressive outreach programs, we were able to provide affordable spay and neuter surgeries to 112 owned cats, triple the amount from 2022! Spaying and neutering every cat is the most important work Community Cat Club can do in order to stop the overpopulation and suffering of cats in our neighborhoods.

It's a new year with new opportunities

and there are still thousands of cats and cat owners who need our help. The early part of the year is when we do the majority of our fundraising so we're prepared for the heavy season (aka kitten season). We're kicking off the year with two events! Come visit us in Merchantville for a pop-up adoption event and at Upcycle Fitness in Collingswood for Kitten Yoga.

Here's to saving a thousand (plus) more in 2024!


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