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Double the Cuteness & Fun | Why Kittens Should be Adopted in Pairs

photo of three kittens cuddling together on a blanket. text : ADOPT IN PAIRS! KEEPING KITTENS TOGETHER IS NOT ONLY CUTE, IT'S FOR THE BEST!

Community Cat Club is still swimming in kittens after a very long kitten season. We get ample applications every day for our wonderful fosters and we're so grateful for each inquiry. One question that comes up often is why we require that our foster kittens go home in pairs or to homes that already have young cats. Folks are prepared for one kitten, but unsure if they can handle two. We get it, kittens are a handful and adoption is a huge long-term committment. But hear us out : if you're prepared to adopt a single kitten, you are more than prepared to adopt a pair of kittens. This is not a ploy by rescues to achieve additional adoptions, but is a widely accepted truth amongst cat experts that kittens thrive when they stick together.

Here are the facts about adopting in pairs

learn by observation

Kittens learn important skills, like properly using the litter box and grooming, through observation. If they see their pal using the scratching post instead of the couch, then they will too! If they see their fellow kitten drinking from the new water fountin you spent an arm and a leg on, then they'll also use the water fountain. Bottom line is that kittens have a lot of learning to do and they'll master these skills more quickly and efficiently through one another.

focus play aggression

Kittens play rough! They will get this aggression out on way or another, but wouldn't you rather they got it out on each other instead of you or another unwilling participant? Most importantly, this rambunctious play will teach each kitten important boundaries around biting and scratching so that each interaction your cats have with each other over the years are peaceful.

entertain and enrich

Your kitten needs a lot of attention. They don't care what time it is or what important task you're in the middle of. Instead of being kept up in the middle of the night by the zoomies or being interrupted during your zoom meeting, your kittens can keep each other entertained, active, and enriched. Plus, kittens are very curious and occasionally during their curiosity can lead them to a bit of mischief. One mischievous kitten left alone can be destruction, but two kittens tend to keep each other occupied and out of trouble.

comfort in friendship

Change is hard, especially for cats. Kittens will have an easier time feeling comfortable trying new things if they've got a friend to do it with, like settling into a new home. Stressful situations like riding in the car, going to the vet, having company over your home can be easier on a cat if they have their favorite pal or pals with them.

easier intro to adult cat

Introducing new cats to each other is a delicate process, especially older cats. While one kitten may annoy an older cat - for all of the previously mentioned points above - two kittens will keep each other company while the older cat watches from a safe distance. This makes for a far more positive introduction for all cats.

As you can see, adopting multiple ktitens is not only in your best interest, but in the best interest of your cat. You'll enjoy many years of sweet cuddling pictures and group play, while your cats enjoy having the comfort of having their best friend with them through thick and thin.

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