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Trapping in the Snow - January at Community Cat Club

Updated: Feb 8

Cold, snow, and traps - Welcome to winter in cat rescue!

Now that there are fewer kittens, Community Cat Club uses the winter months to accelerate our trapping campaigns and we participated in one of our most successful initiatives yet in a community that really needed it.


community cat club infographic for January 2024 rescue statistics. purple background with 5 floating bubbles containing stats. one bubble with the number 46 and text "adoptions" curved around it. bubble with the number 70 in the center with the text "new intakes" curved around it. bubble with the number 26 in the center with text "transfers" curved around it. bubble with the number 8 in the center with text "outreach" curved around dit. bubble with the number 15 in the center with text "community cats" curved around it.


Partnering with NJ Aid for Animals and Animal Welfare Association of NJ, members of CCC and other local trappers came together and trapped over 50 cats and kittens from a Camden City apartment complex, 20 of which were secured by CCC. We've assisted this complex in the past, and although residents and other feeders are caring for them, they were overwhelmed by the number of unaltered cats, so we made it our priority to help.

NJ Aid for Animals and AWA held a MASH clinic in celebration of MLK Jr Day and sponsored the surgeries of all 53 cats! There were 8 social cats that were all placed into foster homes and are pending adoption!

We have a long way to go with limiting the free-roaming cat population in Camden City but this was a huge win.



This time of year, we can also expect to take on many more critical medical cases both for social and community cats. We found ourselves overwhelmed by the number of cases in a short amount of time and put out a call for help to our community. Once again, you all pulled through and helped us raise over $6,000 to cover our rising medical bills. Here are a few of these cases :


Matcha was found outside all alone, battling a severe upper respiratory infection. To add on to her woes, she was infested with fleas, emaciated, anemic, and riddled with parasites. She was in rough shape. But after 3 weeks, lots of love, TLC, medication and expert care from our team at Delaware Valley Vet, Matcha is making so much progress. With a little bit more time, she'll be adoption ready.


Rusty was surrendered to Community Cat Club, through no fault of his own. Upon his arrival into foster care, his foster quickly noticed that one side of Rusty's face wasn't moving the same as the other. His one eye appeared to be smaller than the other, but there were no other symptoms or concerns. Our vet team examined him and determined that his face is partially paralyzed, cause unknown, but he was given a clean bill of health and is now adoption-ready. He requires no medication or specialized care, but his one eye will need to be monitored to make sure he doesn't develop dry eye. If you're interested in foster or adopting this sweet orange tabby man, contact us at


black and white cat, Ronan, laying on side upon a black colored couch cushion holding a yellow plush banana toy between his two front paws

Ronan had us very scared. He had already been through so much in his short life after coming to us with a horrible respiratory infection and a FELV+ diagnosis. At the end of November, he had a big dental appointment to remove a number of his teeth as well as a large polyp. He moved to a new foster-to-adop home and was doing great, however his foster noticed that he was lethargic, not eating, and vomitting over a few days. We brought him to Delaware Valley Vet to undergo emergency exploratory surgery after his x-rays indicated a possible foreign body blockage. Although thankfully there was no blockage, there were some other concerns that were discovered during surgery. Diagnostic tests were sent out and for now Ronan is comfortable back at home with his foster.


Amelia and Adelaide are two senior ladies we scooped up from the large Camden City trapping project. Amelia is about 8 years old and is FIV+. Adelaide is at least 10 years old, possibly older, and was very thin. Both girls needed dental procedures right away, Amelia had a broken canine and Adelaide's old teeth were not looking healthy. They both underwent sedated exams to update their vaccines, retrieve bloodwork for diagnostics, and get some attention to their teeth.


Mr Chunkerton - black and white cat feeding in a parking lot near his colony site

Mr. Chunkerton, affectionally named due to his very large size, was a well-loved community cat in a location we've supported in the past. Unfortunately, caretakers noticed him losing weight very quickly and then most concerning, he had labored breathing. Thankfully, CCC was able to get him in a carrier very easily and rushed him to Pennsauken Animal Hospital where he was placed in an oxygen cage. Diagnostics found that his chest was full of fluid around his heart likely pointing to end stage heart failure. With all of this information, we made the compassionate decision to end his suffering and helped him cross the rainbow bridge.

If you'd like to help us provide the best medical care to more cats, please consider a one-time or monthly donation!



Find Commuity Cat Club this weekend at two adoption events featuring some of the cats we trapped in Camden City!

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