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CCC In the News!

If you were watching the news this morning, you may have seen your favorite Community Cat Club on NBC 10 Philadelphia! A few weeks ago, we had the chance to meet reporter Sheila Watko at our Petco Brooklawn Adoption Center to talk about our organization, Clear the Shelters, and most importantly hang out with some of our Community Cat Club fosters!

If you missed the interview, you can watch it here

We are so grateful to Sheila and NBC10 for choosing CCC to feature for Clear the Shelters and a huge thanks to Petco for supporting us this August for Clear the Shelters. Sheila is an incredible animal welfare advocate, consistently featuring local Philly-area animal rescues on NBC10 and she is also an amazing cat foster mom! You can keep up with Sheila on Instagram @sheilawatko

Join us this Saturday August 26th for Clear the Shelters Part 2!

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