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Clear the Shelter (Rescue)

community cat club members and NBC 10 journalist Sheila Watko each holding a kitten. One black, one brown and white tabby, and one orange tabby, at the Petco Brooklawn adoption center

August is a big deal in the rescue world! It's better known as Clear the Shelters month, a nationwide pet adoption and donation campaign that helps find loving homes for animals in need. Since 2015, more than 860k pets have found their forever homes during Clear the Shelters month which is an amazing show of support for local shelters and rescues.

This year, Community Cat Club is hosting two adoption events for Clear the Shelters at our Petco Brooklawn Adoption Center :

This initiative is more important today than ever. The local shelters and rescue groups in Camden County, as well as the surrounding counties in New Jersey and Philadelphia, are beyond capacity placing many of our groups on an intake hold. Clear the Shelters month will help us literally clear space that will be almost immediately filled by our waitlist of cats and kittens we mean to help.

Here's why your support is critical!

Almost 6.3 millions pets enter US shelters every year

This number is based off of reporting to humane societies so it's very likely that this number is far higher when you consider independent rescues.

Around 4.1 millions animals are adopted from shelters every year

Only 10% of animals brought to US shelters are spayed or neutered

Shelters cost taxpayers up to $2 Billion annually

Only 8% of Households Foster a Pet


Flip Flop, better known as Flips, has been one of our longest foster residents after Community Cat Club pulled her from a local shelter earlier this year. Flips has a condition called Cerebellar Hypoplasia, also known as Wobble Cat Syndrome. This does not impact her quality of life in the least but she does wobble around while she's on the move! She's been patiently hanging out in foster care while we determined what her needs are in a forever home.

Here's what we know : Flips loves attention! She adores receiving love and pets from her foster parents. She is also a master escape artist so don't let the wobbles fool you. She can jump and run like any other cat! Her ideal home would have a dedicated space just for her where she can safely explore her surroundings. Flips is also tolerant of other animals so she could cohabitate with some independent furry siblings but she'd also be perfectly content as an only child.

3 photo collage of Community Cat Club foster cat, Flip Flop, with two intersecting hearts in the center reading 'Adopt Flip Flop'. First photo Flip Flop is laying on the shoulder of her foster human, another photo Flip Flop is sitting in a window sill, and the third photo Flip Flop is staring up into the sky while in a loaf position on the couch.

How can you support Community Cat Club for Clear the Shelters and beyond?

Become a foster! Community Cat Club handles all of the medical care and can provide any supplies that our foster families may need to care for our rescues.

Become a volunteer! We are always looking for help, whether it's in our TNR locations, our Petco Adoption Center, or at our events.

Donate to our cause! Monetary donations are pivotal to our operations so we can pay for medical costs, food, supplies, transport, etc. You can make a one-time donation or you can commit to reoccurring donations.

Shop our grocery lists! You can help us keep food in the pantry, fresh litter in the boxes, and keep our spaces sanitized by sending us items from our Amazon wishlist.

Sport our merch! CCC has some pretty badass merchandise available on our Bonfire shop. You can deck out the whole family and benefit the rescue at the same time!

Follow CCC! Keep in touch on our day-to-day and help spread the good word about what we're doing in the community. Follows, likes, comments, and shares on social media are the easiest ways to help us!

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Aug 23, 2023

I’m sorry that you said that you can’t help rescue the 5 adorable kittens in my backyard in Washington Township.

Colin Corrado
Colin Corrado
Oct 12, 2023
Replying to

As this article stated, only 8% of US households foster rescue animals. As a 100% volunteer-based rescue, we can only intake if we have available space. There's an endless stream of calls for help but not enough offering hands. We're sorry that we couldn't help you but please understand the circumstances that we and many other organizations face.

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