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How many cats can we tip with $10k?

The biggest party for South Jersey community cats is right around the corner. Community Cat Club is bringing back Beers for Tipped Ears for the second year!

Last year, we had over 100 of our favorite people join us to raise over $10 thousand dollars for spay and neuter surgeries for community cats, thanks in part to a $2000 grant we received from the Community Cats podcast. We had an incredible night, gave away the best prizes, and got to see some friends who work so hard in our tiny rescue community. We had so much fun that we decided that we needed to make this an annual thing, but with some improvements.

CCC is partnering up with incredible local businesses for Beers for Tipped Ears 2024! Join us on Saturday June 29th from 6PM to 9PM at Tonewood Brewing in Barrington and the first round will be on us! Your tickets will include your first drink (or you can choose the dry ticket option and enjoy non-alcoholic beverages!), the dankest catering from Little Coco in Barrington, raffle tickets, and official BFTE merch!

Special shout outs to our friends and business partners who are helping CCC to make this party a memorable one for all of you

Googled “Best Realtor in South Jersey”? You’ve come to the right place.

You want more than an agent—you want a problem-solving powerhouse team by your side that will go to extraordinary lengths to get you a successful outcome. Good news: that’s exactly what we are.

In other related and exciting news, this past March Community Cat Club received word that we would be awarded the opportunity from Mission Meow to receive a $5500 grant towards our TNR efforts in South Jersey. A few weeks ago the CCC team hosted our friends at Mission Meow to receive our big check! 

This grant will be used to upgrade our aging equipment as well as to add additional items to our arsenal, so we may expand and improve our trapping initiatives. Here’s how it will be spent : 

• 30 Tomahawk Gravity Traps

• 2 Drop Traps

• 5 Transfer Cages

• 10 Forks

• 5 Feral Cat Dens

• 5 Nets

We cannot thank Mission Meow and their business partners enough for this generous gift!

Between this grant from Mission Meow for trapping equipment and the funds we'll raise through Beers for Tipped Ears, we can do so much more to secure a better future for our community cats. Our mission to spay and neuter every single cat grows in importance every day. We can't wait to make this change together!


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